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Aquarion Evol [ Theme Win 7 ]

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Aquarion Evol!Aquarion Evol (アクエリオンEVOL Akuerion Evoru?) is the sequel to the 2005 anime series Genesis of Aquarion. It was originally announced on February 25, 2011, by the production staff.[1] It aired on TV Tokyo from January to June, 2012 and its premiere featured an hour-long special that combined the first two episodes in a single broadcast.

Twelve thousand years after the events of Genesis of Aquarion, mankind living on the planet Vega (ヴェーガ Vēga?) is threatened by a new enemy from the planet Altair (アルテア界 Arutea Kai?) whose female population was wiped out by a mysterious disease called the Curse of Eve (イヴの呪い Ivu no Noroi?). The Alteans using their “Abductors”, just like the Shadow Angels, invade the cities in Vega to kidnap its female inhabitants, looking for a way to ensure the preservation of their race. To defend against the invasion, the Neo-DEAVA (ネオ・ディーバ Neo Dība?) organization establishes two teams, one composed of only males and other of only females, each one piloting their own giant machines called “Aquaria”. To protect their new friend Mikono, teenager Amata Sora makes use of the power he has kept in secret his entire life and by combining Vectors with male and female pilots into one single robot, the legendary giant Aquarion is reborn.


Aquarion Evol Theme

In this Theme Of Aquarion Evol not only contain Wallpaper OF Aquarion Evol but also contain the Sound ,Start Menu of your windows 7.may contain explorer background ,and Logon wallpaper ,This Theme come with of Aquarion Evol Cursor, and its all will auto installed when you intall the Exe File ,and It will be applied when you choose the theme in Personalization Control Panel

System Requirtments

Operating System : Windows 7,home Premium,professional,ultimate 32bit and 64bit Pacth Installed :

-Universall theme patched Your windows 7 click here to tutorial

Only If you are using the windows 7 starter and basic before you patch your windows using Universall Theme Patcher You must Patch your windows using this software click here to the tutorial


Wallpapers :3

Start Menu Background :2

Explorer Background :0

DreamScene : No

Start Orb : Yes

Sound : Yes

Creator :AnimeDesk

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