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[ Theme Win 7 ] Tobiichi Origami

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Origami Tobiichi (鳶一 折紙 Tobiichi Origami?) Voiced by: Misuzu Togashi (Japanese), Michelle Lee (English) A highly intelligent classmate of Shido who is athletic, “beautiful”, and the most famous person in Shido’s school. She is often described as doll-like in appearance. She has short white hair and blue-grey eyes. She is the only human “girlfriend” of Shido, and out of all the other girls who like him, she is the most aggressive in her pursuit of him showing no bounds in her attempts to learn more about him, get closer to him, or even on trying to get more intimate with him. If not obsessive it borderlines as she does some weird things such as knowing Shido’s exact measurements, and dressed up as a maid when he visited her after overhearing he likes maids. Her dating preparations include an energy drink where one drop will increase his energy a hundredfold, chloroform for emergencies, and a pair of handcuffs with masking tape in case she needs to use them. She knew Shido from when they were children living in the same apartment building and him doing something that had a profound impact on her.

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